Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū

Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū is based on Kāi Tahu traditions and comprises print media for teachers and students, a web based resource and a CD-Rom. It tells the legendary deeds of Rākaihautū, who captained the Uruao waka to Aotearoa, and with his people, settled Te Waipounamu. Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū is written in Kāi Tahu dialect.

Published 2007. The resource is available, through Down the Back of the Chair, to schools in Aotearoa on request.

Item number – 11171.

Phone – 0800 660 662.

Kā Puna Karikari a Rākaihautū’s interactive component comprises talking books, rollover glossaries and comprehension quizzes.

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